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Rodrigo Teaser started imitating Michael Jackson at the age of 9 in Brazilian children’s variety shows, such as Angélica, Mara Maravilha, among others. He grew up perfecting his work, becoming the most respected and requested professional in the industry.

With an extensive history of appearances on TV and music venues in Brazil and abroad, Rodrigo Teaser is recognized by Sony Music. In 2003, he was invited to represent Latin America at the “30 Years of Magic” show, a fan event held in New York in tribute to Michael Jackson with the presence of the King of Pop.

Due to the quality of his work, Rodrigo Teaser has been performing in major concerts and shows presented in Brazil since then, even sharing the stage with many artists, such as: Seu Jorge, Ivete Sangalo, Claudia Leite, Vanessa Jackson and others. He took part in marketing campaigns for TV and print media. He is the only Brazilian artist whose name was revealed in MJ’s official website. Recently, the Brazilian TV channel Multishow broadcasted his LIVE concert, being the most trending topic on Twitter in Brazil and the second most trending topic on Twitter worldwide.

Tributo Rei do Pop












This show pays an unforgettable tribute to the King of Pop, recreating all the structure of the main Michael Jackson’s performances.

In this tribute, great classics such as “Billie Jean”, “Thriller”, “Beat It”, “Smooth Criminal”, “Black or White”, among others, are performed by Rodrigo Teaser and an outstanding live band.

The show brings all the elements that were part of Michael Jackson’s production, with dancers, pyrotechnic s, special effects, stage elevators, videos produced exclusively for the concert and a lot more.

The choreographies, musical arrangements and costumes meet the highest standard presented for many years on Michael Jackson’s tours around the world. We are the only tribute show in Latin America approved by LaVelle Smith, dancer and choreographer that worked with Michael for over 20 years.

Today, Tributo ao Rei do Pop is considered the greatest show ever made in Latin America and one of the greatest in all world, attracting fans and shows business professionals in Brazil and in other countries. In order to achieve this outcome, two years of research and investments were necessary to get as close to the experience of watching Michael Jackson live.

We have a team composed of dancers, a great band and a technical crew to join Rodrigo Teaser in this show, in addition to the scenic elements, such as scenario, stage elevator, a LED panel and pyrotechnics.

Tributo ao Rei do Pop. You will not believe what your eyes will see!

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